“One Day, Lad, All This Will Be Yours.”

Many a closely-held business was created before its founder became a parent or when the founder’s children were still very young. As the business grew, and as the founder’s children matured, the founder may have entertained the notion of eventually having her children take over the business.

In earlier posts, we discussed how the division of a closely-held, corporate-owned business may be effected without incurring an income tax liability for either the corporation or its shareholders. The ability to effect such a division on a tax-efficient basis may be especially important in resolving a dispute between shareholders who may have already

What would you do?

The decedent was an extremely wealthy man, with a net worth in excess of $3 billion. You are the executor of his estate.

Prior to his death in 2009, he retained one of the top tax firms in the country to review his existing estate plan.

Under his existing plan, which