I’ll take My Chances If I had a dollar for every time a client said to me “but they never audit real property transfer tax returns,” I’d be a client myself. I often hear this statement in the context of a transaction that a client insists should not be subject to the transfer tax, and it is often made in response to my analysis that the hoped-for result would not stand up to scrutiny.
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Every owner of a closely-held corporation has certain property rights, arising from his or her status as an owner, that have economic value to the owner.  At the inception of the business, the owner may count among these rights the ability to share in the profits generated by the business, whether in the form of

In most acquisition transactions, one company will purchase the assets of another company. An asset deal has the benefit of allowing the acquiring company to select only those assets or lines of business of the target company that it wants to acquire. It enables the acquirer to recover its purchase price through depreciation and amortization,

When people hear about a family business dispute, what most often comes to mind are sibling rivalries and disagreements, or a falling out between a parent and a child, with each side seeking to go its own way.  In fact, these are the usual scenarios.  There is a set of circumstances, however, that arises with

“Blood may be thicker than water,” begins an advertisement in a recent edition of the NY Times Magazine, “but can it hold a business together?”   The advertisement continues, “It’s a little-known fact that nearly 90% of U.S. businesses are family firms. All over America, people pour their heart and soul into building family companies.

In the choice of entity debate, the ability to divide the corporation’s business assets and activities into two or more separate corporations, owned by different shareholders, without incurring taxable gain, is often said to be one of the more significant advantages enjoyed by the corporate form of business.  However, though the partnership provisions of the